Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Burnout Among Doctors

 Doctor Burnout Article

Burnout always comes on the heals of losing sight of God's role vs. our role.  Our society appears to be moving away from the Lord.  As we do, more and more people will face burnout.  If God is not in control, we have to be.  When we are in control, then we don't have permission to rest.  When God is in control he gives us a day off each week and the rest of the righteous each night.  Whether health care or any other business, if we try to handle things alone, we will find we run out of strength and wisdom.  Let us choose God and go back to just being human. 

Monday, December 06, 2010

Placing Blame

This article laments that gay teens appear to "get in trouble" disproportionately. The study claims that the cause most likely bias against gay teens. However, this study is another attempt to lower the standards of expectation for "minority" groups. If we are honest there is an attitude that attends all minority groups that are currently advocating for their rights. We'll call it the "pride" danger. Solomon said that pride comes before a fall but humility comes before honor. In the name of "right" and "equality" modern groups have advocated emphasizing pride. Modern self-esteem advocates do the same. The problem is that pride, as noted by great philosophers through the ages including Solomon, is not an attractive trait. Pride is a turn off. Whereas humility is attractive. Pride argues that I deserve respect no matter what I do, regardless of my character or attitude. Humility argues that I probably have done things that don't deserve respect, so if I get it, I will be thankful, not smug. I would expect authorities at schools to also follow this principle. When they are disciplining someone who shows pride leading to arrogance, they will tend to think that they need to maintain their firmness and punish to the full extent. On the other hand, when they face someone who has broken a rule who is also humble in their attitude, that they will be less likely to punish to the full extent.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rejecting University Meritocracy for Old Fashioned American Meritocracy

Applebaum, in this article, claims that the Tea Party represents a failure of the American meritocracy. Her glaring blind spot is that she equates the modern university system with upward mobility. She fails to realize that the modern University system has attempted to define success by a set of values (i.e. a worldview) that seems to discourage hard work and self-reliance in the name of collective failures of history. The Tea Party instead would seem to represent the exact opposite of what Applebaum says. It represents a return to the idea that the common man is capable of fabulous successes without having to bow to some elitist nobility on his way there. Instead, we can call on God, work hard, show integrity and find reason to work together without all the arrogant pomp currently ensconced in our university system. American meritocracy and Unversity meritocracy are indeed two different things. Applebaum is right that the common man is rejecting University meritocracy in favor of something. She simply fails to discern the other option: good old-fashioned American meritocracy.

Pride comes before a fall

It has been fascinating and not a little bit appreciated to see Paladino take a strong stand and not back down. We have been told that it is bigoted and homophobic to take stands for traditional morality and work to protect traditional marriage. Nevertheless, Paladino has right exposed that part of the "pride" rallies that is lewd, embarrasing and shameful. Certainly, children should not be exposed to it. Parents should be given back their right to raise their children according to their conscience. Schools should grant parents vouchers to send their kids where the schools line up with their moral commitments. Gay "pride parades" should be banned for lewdness. Marriage should continue to be between a woman and a man. No gays should be bullied, but they should be tough enough to withstand public debate about the morality of their choices. This is, after all, America.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Teen Convert from Islam

This teen is coming out acknowledging extremism in the mosque and continuing to seek protection from the law from her parents. She fears for her life now that she has converted. This is simply very interesting. I'm following this pretty closely.

Conservative Bishop Resigns in Scranton

Now, I am not Catholic. However, in the United States, we need as many strong religious leaders as possible. I pray that the Vatican appoints a worthy replacement.

FCC Recommits to Daytime Ban

It is no where near enough, but at least they are doing something.

Constitutionally NOT allowed to Ask God For Help

This article discusses how Kentucky is currently trying a case about whether the legislature was wrong constitutionally to allow phrases declaring reliance on God in their Homeland Security bills. It is quite a moment in the history of the United States when we choose legally to NOT allow those in government positions to call on God in their official capacities. This is similar to the rise of problems in public schools directly corresponding to the date when prayer in schools was declared unconstitutional. We should not think we can blame God for our problems if we have diligently restrained his presence from all our gatherings. Don't blame God. He was asked to leave, politely or not. At that point, we are left to our own devices. Let's see how that works for us...and forgive me, God help us!

Natural Disasters

There are several stories in the news today about natural disasters. One is the "hell storm" moving in on Western Mexico. Another is the wildfires in California. Finally, there is the Swine flu epidemic now slated to kill 90,000 across the nation by the end of the year. Look...quite simply, these are called "acts of God" because historically nations recognized that God alone had the power to avert or stop them. There is nothing in scripture that tells us that God's administration of those things would end once the world developed the scientific expertise to better analyze how they happen. We have every reason to believe that God is still sovereign over "acts of God". Russia kicked God out and conspicuously had 40 years of bad harvests, driving the nation into economic tragedy. The same has been true with N. Korea and Albania. We should reconsider choosing to repent to God of our sins and asking for Him to give us mercy.

Climate bill on hold

It is interesting how a few years of global cooling has cooled the climate bill fever. Now I am praying about the health bills going through Congress. It is important to note that NOWHERE in scripture are Christians told that their government should be responsible for health care. The onus is always on us as individuals and churches. Our duty is not to have the government do this but for us to do it personally and as a church. We need to clear!

Politicians during important debate playing solitaire

This is just funny. Or not. Lord, help me not be cynical of our nation's leaders after seeing something like this.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Politician says, "too many humans??!"

This link is to a story about one of Hillary Clinton's top adviser's (meaning an adviser to Obama's secretary of state) who has made the claim that the earth population "exceeds limits." She said, "there are probably too many people on the planet." She actually said that we need to "decrease the growth rate of the global population." Is it too far of a stretch to believe that if she thinks we need to decrease the growth rate, then she probably believes that the state should set a baby limit just like China. The "scarcity" mentality here is phenomenally pervasive. God has promised that when we worship Him alone He will open up the storehouses of heaven. There is more than enough, when we do things God's way. When we don't we have to start downsizing families in order to survive.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Sex Scandal at Oprah's Africa School

I can't help but feel like Oprah's feel good positive thinking is finally having a chance to meet reality. There is a reason why the Bible uses the word "sin". It describes activities that are inherently evil. It describes a problem for which we humans have been unable to find a solution in ourselves. Plato describes, in "Republic", how a society must only teach good things and have good music and avoid anything that might teach something bad to children. It is precisely where Plato and all human thinking has always failed. Plato tried to out-philosophize the fall of mankind into sin. He tried to lift mankind out of sin through brain-washing and "good" thoughts about courage, honesty and integrity. Plato, of course, had his own meeting with reality. This is why I follow the Bible so closely, it repeatedly describes reality more accurately than any philosopher yet. And that includes Oprah.

Teenage Sex Video?

Check out this link? We mock morality and are shocked when immorality runs rampant. In the name of "free" speech we have lost our ability as a nation to say no to social evils that are creeping into our schools. We tout "tolerance" and "don't judge" and wonder why our children would so willingly post videos of their sexual exploits both online and through cellphone texting. The only absolute for the moral relativist is "no absolutes" and so the foundations of our society slip away.

If we try to help in the name of compassion we are mocked as backward. If we try to help in the name of righteousness we are called self-righteous. If we find ourselves unwilling to help we are called cold-hearted and callous.

Answer a fool according to his folly and you will be like him yourself. Do not answer a fool according to his folly and he will be wise in his own eyes...what's the lesson? You can't win with a fool...which is why Jesus said to shake the dust off your feet...

Government setting salaries

It is no surprise that the current Congress is doing this. However, it is still very wrong for them to do. The Constitution of the United States was designed to set checks and balances on power. The current political powers that be threw out that Constitutional original meaning for a "Living" constitution and so we should not be surprised that the checks and balances of the original constitution are slipping away so quickly. In the name of putting a check on Wall Street's power, they are exerting their own. Political ambition is NO answer to Wall Street greed. We are all accountable to God. The "stop judging" crowd is proving to be the most judgmental of all. They are also proving to be the most intolerant. What is so scary is that they do so under the guise of "moral outrage"...and political power and ambition runs unchecked. I pray that our eyes are opened sooner than later.


The way that the current financial crisis is being used to promote certain alleged necessary actions by government is very disconcerting. I imagine that terms like "affluenza" will be used more and more often. The problem is this: We throw God out and then are surprised when people who lead companies give way to greed. Then we see the greed and yell "fire!" and push for more government oversight. What we need to do is go back to promoting a conscience that is accountable to a living all-seeing God.

Mob Attack

This is an interesting story about a mob that was listening to a police radio. When they heard that other cops were not coming they decided to risk attacking the one policeman already there. Interesting study into lawlessness. Accountability clearly makes a difference in restraining evil.

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